If I pretend it’s spring will it come sooner?

Behold Cait doing weights! Yesterday I did 30min elliptical, then assisted pull ups, assisted dips, some push up machine, some back machine (idk the names whoops..), push ups on the bosu ball, planks on the bosu ball, ab twists w med ball, side ab things w med ball.  So there ya go.


4 songs that got me through today and you should all immediately download…

1) E.T by Katy Perry ft Kanye West

2) Blow by Ke$ha

3) Hold it Against Me by mah gurl Britney Spears

4) Born this Way by Lady Gaga

For dinner last night my mother made Chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, it was delish obvs.

I’m not going to lie all yesterday I kinda was blah therefore this lead to my all black outfit to the way to the gym…

^^My Blue Steel is getting pretty good.

SIDE NOTE- My birthday is coming up…(March 29th)…whoever wants to buy me this Michael Kors bag, feel free… 😉


Despite the snow I am pretending is summer and rocking my Mary Kate Olsen style big ass sunglasses..Ps. also making a super tough guy face just cuzzzz

I made a blueberry protein waffle for lunch with vanilla greek yogurtttt! Nom-a-tron.


Oh yah and I bought these sexy brooks 😉 Because I have odd feet the people at Fleet Feet had to send away to get me a 10.5 (my right foots a 10.5 my lefts a 10…why??? so weird…) But anyways the worker there helped me figure out my gait and what not I don’t know termonology. Anyways- he said these are a great neutral shoe, heading to transitioning to a more minimalist shoe. He said these puppies will help improve my speed too muhaha 😉 I likeeeeeee. Anyways- I’m taking suggestions for what they should be named… The brand is Brooks Green Silence… I’m thinking it they need to have a bad ass name to go along with them!


I got a blood test done today after my doctor suggested it- I used to think I would have been afraid to give blood/get it taken but I sat there and watched them do it all! It was ballerrrr.

Now off to indulge in some light magazine reading before the dentists! (Can I just mention that I hate the fact that my whole break is loaded with appointments…NOT COOL).



Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with

These noobs. Ben and Joe. Ben’s 7’1.. Joe’s 5’9…obvs besties. These 2, meg brit and I get into all the best shenanigans. I can’t wait for summer when we are all reunited!! Ps. in this pic daaa boys thought they were hilarious to switch clothes….

Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

This is a picture of the roads yesterday…..today they are a bit cleaned off but this is how much friggen snow we have…BOOOOO. I CLEARLY HATE THE SNOW AS OF NOW.

Q- What is your favorite season? Where you live do you get all 4? We get all 4, but extreme snow and usually a VERY hot summer too.



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11 responses to “If I pretend it’s spring will it come sooner?

  1. Those roads are not okay. Please come visit me, I don’t think people down here know what that means. I like Spring because summer it’s over 100 degrees a lot and that is yucky.

    Those shoes are the bomb.com. My advice to you is go run 20 miles in them even if you hurt your knees and your hip is physically cracking.

    I hope I get to become your personal doctor.

  2. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I live in Wisconsin so we see all four seasons but winter seems to be the craziest for us. Right now we’re experiencing weeks where the weather is spring like (in the 50’s) and then weeks where it’s winter like again and we’re getting snow. Like now, we’re expected to get 3-5 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. When we want snow in November and December we don’t get a lot of it, or any, but now at the end of February and into March we keep getting it when we’re ready for winter to be over.

    While I love snowmobiling in winter I would have to say my favorite season is flip flop season! Any time that I can wear flip flops is awesome to me cuz I HATE wearing shoes unless absolutely needed. 🙂

    • Holy Bi-Polar weather!!!! Its so screwy! here too though!! And yes totes agree- flip flops/ no shoes are the way to gooo! I love getttting tan hahah so i can’t wait for that!!

  3. AntosDoesLife

    I FREAKING LOVE KE$HA. I’m listening to “Blow” on youtube on repeat right now! We’re twins.

    Yayyy for spring break appointments…notttt. I actually did abs today at the gym as well! Go us for branching away from cardio!

    • hahah Ke$ha is the greatest to work out too!!! And um yes we are totes twins I kinda love it.

      and also isn’t it so hard to stray from cardio!!! It is taking a lot of will power….Btw today I had blood drawn and I totally thought of you…weird? Lets pretend like it isnt hahah

  4. runyogarepeat

    Pleaseee snow be gone! I get all four seasons, which I love, but winter is just too long. I love snow to snowboard, but it really cuts into my running outside addiction.
    Cosmo & Runner’s World = obviously two of the best mags and most fun to read!

  5. I love spring and summer. Here though, we don’t get all 4 seasons. We get a mild cold winter and then a humid, wet summer. And then every other time it’s pretty neutral.

  6. I’ve been drooling over those shoes for AGES now you lucky girl!! They’re sposed to be AMAZING!!

    We get all four ‘normally’ here in England. I love summer the best…BRING ON THE SUN!! 😀

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