Snow Snow Go Away….and never come back..puhhhlease

Britty and I take really attractive pictures….Hung out wit mah gurl bco last night as we watched UNC beat Duke 😦 BOOOO.

This morning I was able to sleep in for the first time! I slept until 7:10am OMGZZZ- Guys this is a huge step for me. I’ve woken up between 6am-630am pretty much every day this week. I’m all for waking up whenever my body wants and I typically wake up early, but man it felt good to “sleep in”. But I woke up to NO POWER! Whadafudgeeee. That was fine though I just bought the newest Runner’s World and Cosmo so obvs still had tons I could do 🙂

My brother came home yesterday and it was the first time I was able to see him in aggggges! So we went out to dinner with my parents and my granma! We went to this tiny bar/ restaurant called The Dark Horse. Its probably my favorite place to eat in DeWitt. I usually get this delish shrimp salad but OF COURSE they didn’t have it on the menu last night.BOOOOO. I hate going to a restaurant not knowing what I wanted before going!! Sooo I ended up with the Tavern Burger and a half house salad and broccoli. I only ate half the burger too 😉 sup for being able to have portion control while being out to eat- score one for meee!!

Went to the gym with ma mamma this morning, did 5miles in 38min 13sec on the treadmill doing speed intervals! woohoo! Did the first mile @ normal pace, then did 1min30sec speed, then 45sec norm, then last .5 mile at normal pace. (All at a 1% incline obvs- I have finally made it a habit to ALWAYS put it at a 1%). FYI I did the whole run focusing on my form (i didnt even use my ipod for it) I focused on a midstrike/toe strike. My calfs are a bit sore but that is to be expect. Some lovelydaily mile friends suggested some reading on natural and chi running. I also found this which also is seriously making me contemplate buying newtons…

I was SUPER sweaty after the run which is obvs a good sign 😉 then went up stairs and did my abs/lunges/pushups/squats routine! I was planning on going to my running club tonight but the weather is absolutely awful here now. It was 52 and we could see grass yesterday and now it is a freakin snow storm!! We are supposed to get a total of 12 inches by 8!

I also realized mid shower (omgzz guys I’ve washed my hair for 2 days in a row now…wow big steps). Anyways I realized mid shower that I didn’t bring any nice clothes home and I have my first day of orientation at my summer internship tomorrow and I have another interview on Thursday…um failwhale to the max. Sooooo I had to run out to Old Navy (um I’m sorry haters can hate but I abs love old navy they have great clothes that are inexpensive and cute. I don’t ever wear clothes long enough (um meaning for more than a few times not meaning I walk around nakes…) and yeah. Love em.

Then OBVSSS had to stop at Starbucks because I was going through withdrawal… iced grande skinny caramel latte (2wwp+ and counts as a dairy serving-WIN).


WANT WANT WANT BUT WHYYY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVEEEEEE (Sup birthday 😉 March 29th baaayyybeeeee)

PPPPPPPS. CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE RACED THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!! Way to kick butt and make us all proud and envious of your skilllzzzz luhh youu all baishes!



Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Clearly it is maah mothaa. She’s seriously awesome. She puts up with my crap and my complaining and she always knows how to make you feel better. Plus she’s becoming obsessed with blogging just as much as I am muahaha (her blog is she has some WW recipes and some DEF NOT AT ALL WW recipes, she just loves to cook, bake and eat! )


Q- Totally random but are you guys fans of the new Britney Spears song “Hold It Against Me”??



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12 responses to “Snow Snow Go Away….and never come back..puhhhlease

  1. I love the new song by Brittany obvs! I downloaded it on my ipod so we can jam out to it.

    I love Newtons so much. They are awful for cross country (and any trial running) and running on the treadmill but great for road races. Which are 75% of my races anyways. You would love them. Although-they are discontinuing a lot of them so I guess this means they are upgrading soon. Hopefully.

    I’m probs going to get a pair of new Nikes until my foot feels better then get a new pair of Nikes. Oh-daddykins said it might not be a good idea to do Plattsburg since my base won’t bee high enough. 😦 My heels hurt a lot again so who knows. Obvs not getting any better but I’ll be crosstraining like it’s my job.

    • um this comment def isnt annoying you are way sil.

      and I hate that your heels hurt still 😦 But you will seriously be the queen of crosstraining so totally fine. At least I will FORCE you to come to the platts half so then you can cheer me on 😉 slash meet me at every mile to cheer me on with your amazing singing of the new bspears song. please. ill pay you. hahahah

      I am seriously considering a new gym that has sweet arc trainers because i just realized i have no idea how i will handle a whole summer without them…

  2. I just realized how obnoxious my comment is for real.

  3. Okay I am offich a stalker of your blog we use the same crazykins vocabulary and have the same. freaking. name. Are you sture you’re not my long lost twin?!

  4. I feel like I am the only person that has not heard the new Brit song!!
    No hate for Old Navy–love going there and getting deals!!
    Anddd awesome workout!!

  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Helloooo 🙂 I’m checking your blog out because Ms Hollie said I should cuz I asked for my readers to leave me a blog they think I should check out.

    Starbucks=YUMMMM! (Hot chocolate or Vanilla Bean Frap) Too bad I don’t like coffee 😦

    • Hii! Hollie’s the greatest! Love that girl! And yes Starbucks is srsly awesome sauce, I realllly like the caramel light frap in the summer 🙂 I can’t wait for the warm weather!

      And I neeverrr liked coffee until I started commuting to school my soph year, I had 8ams and a half hour + commute! Coffee became my bff!!

      • Amy @ countrystrong21

        I’ve tried the stuff at Starbucks a couple times from friends and what not but even the stuff where they tell me “It’s just a little bit of coffee, you can barely taste it” I’m making faces after I take a sip because it tastes strongly of coffee to me and it is not one that I enjoy. I love the idea of coffee and wish I liked it…just like yogurt lol.

  6. runyogarepeat

    I hear ya about the snow! The other day it was so warm out, but for some reason, I didn’t run outside. Now, there’s close to TWO feet outside, gahh!
    Big fan of the new Britney song – I’ve been obsessed with her since her first album.

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