Buh bye Feb, you were Fab

I like to keep an open honest relationship with you bloggies, so here is the truth guys…

I have not washed my hair in 5 days. Yup you read that right 5 days…I ran out of shampoop <— (purposefully kept this poop after I mistyped) and conditioner and I just am too lazy/ cheap to buy more considering I leave tomorrow for break. So there you have it- I have been grimey girl who has showered (YES I HAVE SHOWERED) but just not washed my hair with soap. Phew- glad you guys know the truth now ; )


Obvs not adding blueberries made it green…

Today I was the arc trainers #1 fan. My 930 class was cancelled so I went to the gym at 9 and did 60mins arc trainer, then figured I’d come back after my 3pm class and run, wellll change of plans Hollie was going to the gym too and we had much to dish about sooo I went on the arc trainer for another hour bahah….roughly 1,800 calories burned today due to my arc trainer obsession.

Ohh maaah gawwd tomorrow I get to snuggle with dis cute thannng ferocious beast


Well well well! I totally forgot to recap Feb’s goals and make March goals! So lets get down to biddddnessss-

FEB GOALS– oh okay here they are 🙂

  1. COMPLETE THE WINTERMAN MARATHON. I think this goal is self explanatory 🙂 Feb 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….!!!!!!!!!..!!!!…!!!!!…!!!! ^^ DONE DONE ANNNND DONNNEEEEEEE!!!
  2. Push ups 100 every morning and 100 every evening! WHOMP WHOMP little ambitious of myself if you ask me… I did 100 roughly every day…
  3. Planks, 6 planks through out the day (starting w 1min, probs will increase) again with the ambition hahah I did about 3 on the days i did push ups
  4. Majority of work should be done at the library. umm fail again…about half the work was done in the library- this is called progress people
  5. Try new things,(foods, activities,books) i tried the egg pancake! pumpkin pancakes, brussel sprouts!! green montser!! what else hmmm i dont know but YES did thiiss!
  6. Eat more protein, good carbs, good oils. Track EVERYTHING. Been tracking everything!! PROTEIN AT EVERY MEAL FA SHO!! Good carbs yes yesss oils a yess! CHECK
  7. Hopefully, in the process of all the goods- lose 3-4lbs (by march 3rd). I won’t be too upset if this doesn’t happen. I want to focus on overall healthy eating and obvs main focus is on training properly and fueling right!) Well the day after the marathon I was 145lbs (boo) and yesterday afternoon I was 142!! sooo I’m happy with that! I’ll keep on truckin’

Now onto the next oneeee…MARCH GOALS!

Since it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH, ooohhh yaaaaah, the number one goal is HAVE FUN ALL MONTH LOONGGG!

2. Get back into the 130s! I ideally would like to be 138 by the end of the month.

3. Keep the late night munching (on crap) out! The last 2 weeks I’ve been VERY good with this I want to keep up with that!

4. Try making fish at least 3 times!

5. SPEEED WORK OUTS!!! HILL WORK OUTSSS!!! Lets do thiss! I want to get my mile time down to lower 7’s.

I can’t think of anymore…any suggestions??


Day 06 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

Shalane Flanagan… Oh hey your job is to run?? Oh YAH I WISH THIS WAS MY JOB.

Q- Who would you want to switch lives with for a day?



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10 responses to “Buh bye Feb, you were Fab

  1. Shalane.

    or you. Is that allowed? Can I live your life?

    I have shampoop if you want to use it bahaha. At least your showering.

    You are going to get below 138 because you=rockage!

  2. love the green monster!
    And I try to wash my hair everyday, but with a five year old, its rough

  3. Hahahahaha wait you are hilarious, I am preffy (I emant to say pretty) sure we would be biffs. Slash you are a BEASTY, of course you will get a rockin mile time girlie girl! I cannot wait to whip out some crazy speedwork today my feet are on fiyahh!

  4. Happy Birthmonth, fellow March baby. I love the arc trainer aaaaalmost as much as I love the fact that you said shampoop. Which is a lot.

  5. runyogarepeat

    I need to get in on the arc trainer action – they always have an hour or two waiting line on the cardio board for only 30 minutes per machine, grrr!

    • hahaha TOTALLY GUILTY OF BEING ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE hahah but at my school not many people really use them… i dont think they understand the greatness of them… I def won’t be informing them either muaha

  6. I have waited a little too long to wash my hair too!!! It happens to the best of us…. I would like to trade lives with Lady Gaga for a day. Who doesn’t want to try her life and see what goes through her mind!!!

  7. Shalane Flanagan….would love to be able to run like her for a day! At least to see what it is like to be so speedy!

    Sooo did you like Brussel Sprouts? Ive been wanting to try them for a very long time (roasted like Ive seen everywhere in the blog world) but have been afraid to!

    • I was afraid at first tooo!! Don’t fear them 😉 bahah I just bought enough for one meal, cut the ends off and removed the wilted top layer, then tossed them in 1tsp olive oil, a dash of salt and pepper popped them in the over at 350 for about 10 minutes maybe, when they get bright green and softer they are done, then I sprinkled a little parm cheese, popped it back in for a min and was done! They tasted great! BUT when my mom made it before it tasted like feet…hahah so def needs to be cooked the right way!

      Those little guys are so vitamin packed too! try itttt 🙂

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