The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

For starters, it is March 1st, this means…..IT”S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! AWWYAAHYAHYAHYAH. Tops on my birthday list are a puppy for me (and Rizzi to have a new friend 😉 ) so you can email me on where you should drop the dorbs pup you plan on getting me….but seriously...

As my dash today on tumblr has been flooded by people and Ben modeling their clothes I figured I too would share my super stylish outfit I am currently rocking…

What I Wore: sitting around my house post shower with no where to go…

Socks: From the Winter collection of L.L Beans wool fashionable socks

Pants: From the very stylish Old-Navy sale rack for 5$

Long Sleeve Tshirt: Free for working for the ever so popular Littler Kickers as a soccer instructor. (Not shown but the back has a very sleek “COACH” written across the back)

Hoodie: Again from the L.L. Bean collection.

Pose: Blue Magnum…Derek Zoolander taught me it

FYI- All the most stylish people in fashion dress like me…so take note people. Most important part of this outfit- the socks…tuck your pants into your socks and you will never have cold shins.. TRUST ME, I live in the arctic, I know how to deal with these things.


Now onto important matters.

Lately I’ve been noticing in class that when I start day dreaming and doodling I’ve been writing down mileage for the next week or creating hypothetical negative splits for races and whatnot. Today my day dream in Global Cultures consisted of me making up hill work outs and speed work outs muahah.

Obv doing mad work.

Anyways- Work out today was 4 miles, 31:23, with inclines increasing and speed increase to 2.5% @ 8.2 speed then back down. (It’s a start people). And then arc trainer for 40 minutes brahh.

On a completely unrelated note-this is the week of spring break…therefore I have absolutely no motivation to do any work what so ever…butttt I have 2 tests and a paper to do before I leave…boo.

HOWEVER BRIGHT SIDE- This Saturday I got convinced by my old gym teacher to run the Shamrock Run 4mile race (majority hills)! Sooo looks like I’m going to do that this weekend 🙂 Weeeeee

Q- Do you doodle in class? What are your recent day dreams in class (or work) about?


Day 04 – A picture of your night

As for my super fun Tuesday night- I’ve been studying for my Family Violence exam tomorrow. I actually am VERY proud of myself, I straight up studied for about 3 hours tonight, with little to no distractions! I took random 5-10 minutes breaks to calm the brain and then got right back to it! Also, this class I’m taking, Family Violence, is suber (super+uber) sad :/ Last week we watched a short video about child and spouse abuse through out history, and in the video they legit showed pictures of dead abused children and women. Total buzzkillington if you ask me. But this class is really interesting and I LOVE this prof. He’s awesome sauce, the way he lectures is as though we are having a conversation, not him giving us facts.

** Also side note, yes I leave my yoga mat unrolled on my floor, I feel like if it out I’m more likely to use it…and I totally do pop out a few more downward dogs 😉 !**



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2 responses to “The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

  1. I’m forever doodling in my notebooks…about that. I would be making run schedules but seeing as I’m not running that is a fail. One day. You are going to rock that 4 mile race.

  2. I always write on my hands, too! ahaha

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