I think this is called retirement…

I am almost on my way to complete retirement from soccer. WOW. Craziness. As of last Thursday I spoke with the XC coach at my school he said “we would be thrilled to have somebody like you join our team.”. That was the first steps to retirement.

My next steps came after my 2nd work out yesterday…

I cleaned out my locker…and took home my shoes and gloves.

This upcoming week I plan on speaking with my soccer coach and let him know I won’t be coming back for Spring season. *Moment of silence for my retirement of soccer in which I’ve played for 16 years…*

Work out yesterday-

60 minutes arc trainer in the am with hollie and justin.

3 mile run (23:30) then bike for 15mins, abs and push ups.

Clearly looking like a hoodlum in my sweatshirt

Bhaha also at my school there is some sort of “war” going on, I do not really understand but I followed this man who had a shield, helmet, fake axe, some polls of some sort haha I had to snag a pic.


Dayyyy 2 of the 30 day challenge!

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Amanda and I have been friends since the first day of 5th grade!! We’ve been best friends since! We even went to college together freshmen year wooo. Sometimes it seems like we aren’t as close as we used to be (her family moved to PA once we graduated). But she’s da booombbb


Sooo now I’m going to go fix up the about me page and weight loss page, paint my nails, then go to Boot Camp! Then arc trainer my life awayyyy. No running today- I don’t want to do too much too soon.


Q- What are you doing on this lovely Sunday? How was your weekend- anything crazzzy fun?



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5 responses to “I think this is called retirement…

  1. Our workouts are always the bomb.com. Obviously.

    Your steps to retirement are just the first few steps of being old…next thing you know you’ll be running and hitting little whipper snapper youngins with your cane to get past them.

  2. WOW! crazy workout girl!! that is awesome! that is so awesome you have a close friend from 5th grade!

  3. runyogarepeat

    That’s so exciting you’ll be running cross-country! I loved high school x-c because of my teammates & the awesome trail races. Oh, and the distance runs our coach would send us off on where my teammates & I would meet up in the woods and play tag and other running games!

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