Today has been “boo0o0ooo0taayful”. But seriously it has. I woke up around 7 and for some strange reason did not want a typical breakfast haha SOOO this being said I had chicken and veggies for breakfast hahaha. And around 10 I made a smoothie, but I didn’t have any ww smoothie mix nor did I have any truvia left…sooo I had frozen blueberries, some frozen mix fruit, skim milk and a packet of diet hot coco hah the chocolate was actually a lovely taste in it.

Um to add some spice to this post, you should know I am wearing my ninja outfittoday…and if you were ever curious what a ninja looks like when they are pondering how to pose for pictures for their blog….well this is clearly it…

But then I was all hmm maybe I should just inform the blog world about my pack a day habit to Strides delish SPARK gum.

I’m serious people go buy this gum now.

So anyways…then I was to BOOTCAMP!! I obvs peer pressured Hollie into going 🙂 Okay there wasn’t too much pressure than me saying yesterday “I think I’m going to do bootcamp tomorrow” then she texted me this morning saying she was going to go too haha. Then we had ourselves our typical arc trainer sesh. Hollie is recovering from a heel injury and I am still trying to ease into running, so after bootcamp we just did an hour of arc trainer then called it a day.

I went to the Big M (grocery store) and loadddedd up on my fruit 🙂 Naturally- because I have an addiction to fruit.. I also bought a can of pumpkin and brussel sprouts- I’m def going to try them this week.

Around 2 I realized I hadn’t had lunch yet nor had I showered! So I made myself a nomtastmic sandwich and I was just so excited to eat it and it was so good I had to take a pic to show you guys.

AWESOME SAUCE BOMBTASTTTTICNESS Arnod 10 grain bread, turkey, banana peppers, garden vegetable hummus, shredded carrots, lettuce, pickles and a glass ofCHOCOLATE MILK. Wowza- lovin’ it.

I totally just made this last night…half gone…about to go downstairs and finish it off 😉 rooooar I love me some green jello I can’t help it.

Perf ninja pose…

Have a great Sunday people! Rest up!




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3 responses to “I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK

  1. bahaha. You make me laugh. A lot. I obviously needed a lot of coaxing to come this morning.


    That is all my ninja twinnzie bomb.com girl.

    Okay really I’m done haha.

  2. You are totally a ninja.. I can tell.

    I wanna go to boot camp with you and Hollie!!!!

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