The Ugly Truth…

What we are looking at here is my newest- “Aha” moment. I’ve known that my weight was creeping back up, marathon training did not only gain muscle, but I loosened up way too much on what I was eating and other exercises I used to do. This being said, lets review the ugly truth. I am currently 145lbs.  I have not been this weight since roughly September 2nd.


This freakin bums me out. I worked so hard for so long to reach goal and then I just let myself gain a good 10 lbs back. Unacceptable. However, I’m going to take this as a positive, wanna know how? Because I let myself relapse immediately. This being said, my journey is far from over. I need to have a better outlook on food in general and not see it as a reward or anything, rather I need to know when I am full and embrace being hungry again.


** Note this is how I know that I have gained FAT and not all muscle. My waist has gained 2.5 inches. My thighs stayed the same and I’ve gained 2 lbs on my hips. **

I’m finally not feeling sore from the marathon and now it’s time to kick some trash. I am not going into another summer unhappy with my body and avoiding bathing suits. I have worked hard, but not hard enough. Here on out I am regaining focus and freaking doing this.

I want to be tiny.

I’ve been wearing my new singlet to the gym! I LOVE it. It’s perf because our fitness center is always soooooo hot.

The back is my favvvv with the nike swoosh : )


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  1. I love your new singlet. Stealing it much!

    You are going to lose that way again, especially with all the working out we have been doing! 🙂 I can’t wait for a month when you have lost at least 5 pounds.

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