Triple Tangent Tuesday- MARATHON EDITION

I really don’t like rest days.

I know I need to take them but it’s really hard for me to do it after creating such a habit of daily work outs. Yesterday I didn’t do ANY work out what so ever. Total rest day. Today, I went to the gym did 20 minutes on the bike and then 10 minutes on the elliptical and then stretched like a champ. My quads aren’t feeling as tight and I feel a little bit refreshed. But seriously all I want to do is work up a big sweat.


I’ve heard that your immune system is pretty whacked for like a week after the marathon. I have seriously felt so exhausted, I’ve gone to bed pretty early (even early for me..I usually go to bed by 1030, but I’ve been asleep by 945…or 10…). But today after lunch, I was sitting in class and thought I was going to throw up in the middle of class. Is this normal??? I then felt nauseas for the next hour+. Odd right?



1-  I couldn’t decide today… “TO WEAR THE MEDAL TO CLASS OR NOT TO??”


2- I told you I had THEE WORST finishers photo…No one looks good when they cry….

Let’s get a close up shall we??

YIKES. But I kinda like it!! It shows exactly how I was feeling!! I was so happy and overwhelmed and proud that I finished- tears were the only way to express it!!

3- Now that the marathon is over I’ve been working on my modeling career….

That’s blue steel…I’m not ready to unleash magnum yet…


But in all seriousness… I’ve got some plans now that the marathon is over and I’m not starting my training for the next one quite yet…End of March I’ll start training.

As some of you,(new followers this might be new to you unless you’ve read back posts), I have been struggling with some weight gain since I reached goal in November. We concluded it was due to a number of things (muscle gain, over estimating calories, I stopped doing things other than cardio). SO now that the marathon is over, and my next race isn’t until April 17th (Plattsburgh Half Marathon) and then the next full is May 29th (Buffalo Marathon), I am getting back to my normal regiment!

What does this mean??

Oh well let me tell you ; )

Exercise Wise

-Running (OBVSSS) but I am going to find a plan that will incorporate hills, speed and long runs.

– Squats, Lunges, Planks/Abs, Push Ups (4 sets of 25 each to start then increase)

–  Weight Lifting 2 to 3 times a week.


– Keep within WW points (obvs) and incorporate the healthy oils and whole grains

– Eat some of my  weekly and activity points- aka allow indulgences

On Sunday I am going to do my first weigh in Post Marathon (I’m giving myself some time to lose the water weight and get my exercising back on). From whatever weight I’ve gained I will shoot for mini goals. The first realistic goal is get back to 130s by the end of March.

Ya think I put in enough pictures of myself today??? I feel a bit vain- I apologize…


Q- What are your March goals??



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2 responses to “Triple Tangent Tuesday- MARATHON EDITION

  1. Ooh girl, I need to begin writing my March goals. I obviously want to slowly work into some more running and then def do some weights. They make me feel so food for real.

    Pictures are always acceptable. 1000 please.

  2. Your photo is so AWESOME!! I think it is great that you have an emotion photo rather than a posed one 🙂 I cannot wait to have one of those….someday!!! I would have to say that my March goal is to run 6-7K straight (I am sure I will need better shoes as I am having bad luck with mine). I am hoping to do this without stopping or feeling dizzy. I hit WW goal weight, but I have such belly issues that my weight changes so dramatically on a daily basis (ex: yesterday was 130- today was 134, thanks to my only indulgent meal in a WHILE). I would like to see the 128 stick for March with or without tummy troubles :):)

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