Thankful Things Thursday!

Obviously the first thing that I must mention is HOLY CRAP THE MARATHON IS ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY. Phew- wow. It’s so beyond real this isn’t even funny!! Today was my last ish run before the marathon. Saturday morning I’m going to do a light 2 miles just so I don’t spaz out.

Hollie and I creepin’ but then someone was coming in the locker room…aka the blurriness. But it’s artsy…so obvs it’s post-worthy.

Another mention- I made THEE best wrap today. (Well best wrap in a while…)

Wegman’s Garlic hummus, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, turkey mmmhmmm nom.

Nowww onto Thankful Things Thursday!

1. my bromontana Kyle !

Not only do I miss this working man but I am so thankful that he is my brother. Seriously that sounds so cheesy, but he’s always there, we bitch about our parents, we bond over hbo shows and I creepishly followed him to college…. Kyle and I went to the same school when he was a Senior and I was a freshmen. Annnd then I transferred..then transferred again tooo the school where his girlfriend goes. Essential I just try to stay in his life fo evaaaaaaaaa.

2. My best frrrrrrrand Britty. I am clearly Thankful for her because with out her my friend numbers would be low. Anddd who else would I be able to sit on a couch for hours after hours watching all the Twilight movies or all the Harry Potter movies… Anddd who would go to Wegmans with me on a religious basis…annnd who else would put up with my socially awkwardness??? – side story… brit and I went to martha’s vineyard this summer, a big group of mid 20s guys walk by us and my wordvomit slipped out saying “ooo where you boys stuntin’ from”. Umm first off- i dont know why i said that….but second off britty was obvs not embarrassed by me but rather dying of laughter at my stupidity. Heart her. miss her. Can’t wait to visit hurrrrrrrr


Today I went all Kate Moss style and trudged through all the puddles while other girls attempted to tip toe around the slush in their heels or ruined their uggs 🙂 Best. Purchase. EVER.

Q- What are some of your great purchases? I love when I get my monies worth out of stuff!

Q- What are your go to shows during the week? Mine are Grey’s, Pretty Little Liars, Jersey Shore and Parenthood. .. I’m sure I’m missing some others…



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4 responses to “Thankful Things Thursday!

  1. BAHAHA. I laughed so hard from your story. Seriously-I may still be laughing.

    Anyone attractive at the gym, I’m totally going to ask them where they are stuntin from.

  2. HAHAHA girl you are HILARIOUS!! And sending you some major GOOD LUCK for your marathon!! So excited for you!! You are going to ACE it you gorgeous girlie!! 😀

  3. I really laughed out loud at you asking where the boys were stuntin AHAHAHAHA Ohhhh myyyyy! I have been thinking about you and your marathon 🙂 I cannot wait to hear ALL about it and I hope you do good!!!!

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