Triple Tangent Tuesday!

Well here it is (fyi- the names been changed to TRIPLE tangent tuesday, it just sounds better).

1. I get addicted to shows really easily. I have a netflix account and I just go through season after season of new shows. Currently this…is my addiction. Um also I wish I had Eva’s body. Oh my god. Seriously, jealouuusss

2. When I was younger my mom made me do dance because I needed to interact with girls aha because I was always doing soccer and baseball with the boys, I needed to be a well rounded athlete and try out dance…I hated it… and was awful…

Ohhh yeaaah bottom left.. that’s me.

3. My friends and I are wicked cool and on Friday and Saturday nights, while most people our age our are out at bars or parties- we play Wii Dance….and love every second of it. I miss this 😦 I can’t wait for summer.

Random side note- Can anyone give me advice about my skin??? I am having terrible dry skin. I have been using lotion but it seems to just dry them out more and I just have to keep latttthering it on! HELLPPP!

Another thing- Does anyone have any suggestions in songs for my marathon playlist??? AND if you have ran a marathon any advice or things to look out for?? Any advice at all is much appreciated!!



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2 responses to “Triple Tangent Tuesday!

  1. Shots.

    You better add it and dedicate those 3:30 seconds of your marathon to me. I like upbeat techno songs too but I’m a weirdo.

    I love your dance outfits-how adorable. I would totally wear one to the gym.

  2. Try CeraVe.. its a super expensive lotion but it should help 🙂 I love your hats in those pictures haha!! The dance picture made me smile too!

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