Valentine’s Day!

As usual, I am celebrating Valentine’s day as a single lady. It will be totally weird the day I actually have a boyfriend for this day. I seriously won’t know what to do- because for the past mmm 20 years, I have celebrated valentine’s day the same way. As any old normal day. Noming randomly on valentines day treats. Today I had my mom’s heart shaped sugar cookie she sent back with me. That’s about the extent of my valentine’s day treats…

but lets be honest- We need to be cheerful about this day just to be positive haha sooo…

Happy Valentine’s Day Bloggies!

I got a text from my mom at around 6:30 saying “Just my luck- went to Wegmans to get scollops for dinner, got home and they weren’t in the bag. Called- they forgot to pack them. Looks like we’re having leftover meatloaf for dinner… 😦 “ I’m sorry but that is just too funny!!! I do feel bad because I’m sure my mom was bummed out. Then about fifteen minutes later I got another text from her “I’m having lots of wine to get past the fact I’m having LEFTOVER MEATLOAF”

Poor Debbe, I’m sure my dad didn’t mind though! haha

Today when I got to the gym I didn’t even think of stepping on the treadmill to run. Definite rest day- my legs are thanking me. I did an hour on the elliptical then half hour on the arc trainer and bounced. Stretched and stretched and then stretched some more!

Kisses for all of you! Have an mean awesome  rest of  Valentine’s Day!! Watch some corny movies or celebrate with your lovers or what ever you guys are doing!

Q-Do you remember in elementary school when you had to fill out those valentines then stuff them all in the brown paper bags that we had decorated? How do you normally spend Valentine’s Day?






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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day!

  1. I’m totally going ahh.

    Anywho-We need to celebrate Valentines day by making quiches. Aka-me coming over and stealing your cookies…I mean ummmm.

  2. You are so GORGEOUS girl!! Happy V-Day to YOU too! I love how we singletons totally hit the gym on Valentine’s!! The way to go! 😀

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