Fast Friday!

Let’s talk about this awesome sauce personal best 10k I ran today! ahhh yeah yeah yeahhh!

I didn’t even necessarily mean it! At mile 5 I noticed I was killin it’ and just pumped it up a tiny bit more and did 6.2 miles in 44min 43 seconds!!! My time before was 45min 37seconds!!!!


My sweatymessness after it…

Weighed in at Weight Watchers- It as a bit disappointing, I gained 1.2lbs…so legit everything I lost 2 weeks ago is back on…My weight is fluctuating so bad- I honestly do think it is this marathon business because I PROMISE YOUPROMISE YOU I have not binged or eaten over my allotted points. I am eating my healthy guidelines and everything. The only thing I can think of today is that I am starting my period tomorrow. But other than that. NO FRIGGEN CLUE.

The best smoothie I’ve ever made. It was with the Weight Watcher Vanilla smoothie mix, some mixed frozen berries, a banana and 1/2 cup of skim milk. NOMMM. It was so thick and amazeballs!

So running victory this week, scale victory…not so much….


I went out to dinner tonight and actually ordered food…Like I didn’t try to order the minimal and I didn’t count the points. However- when I was eating the chips I made sure I counted so I wasn’t just noming it all. So that was in check. But I ordered a burrito- and I ate it. I don’t know if this is a step forward or back? Because seriously I still felt guilty after, but at the same time I had a “fuck it- I never eat out” attitude. Hmm Not sure. Either way.


Q- I feel like I need to focus more on this blog- is there anything you guys want me to blog about specifically, want more or less of?



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2 responses to “Fast Friday!

  1. Ooh deja vooo.

    No I think you should focus on whichever blog you like better and your tumbler seems pretty successful. From the five seconds I know about tumbler.

    You could make this one more of your weightloss compared to running miles blog. Or go more to the food route?

    I personally just post what pops into my mind…

  2. uhh that time is awesome. Congrats on the PR….I wish I could run that fast!

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