Thankful Things Thursday!

Today my day started off like this- 

Rocking my new hoodie again…judge me I dare you…

Then I went to classes all day…and hoped in my car to come home for my Weight Watchers meeting…The sun was shinning and I was rocking out to some Dave Matthews Band

^^Yeah I’m cool.

Then within 15 minutes the weather changed and I was driving in a white out!!!

And the high way I take home was closed!!!!! AHHHHHHH

But eventually I made it home…however I missed the weight watcher meeting 😦 le sigh- so I will be going tomorrow morning instead! Hazzaaa!

After dinner I went to the gym- I wanted to run today but since the gym was closing within the next hour and a half and I had just eaten, I took an unplanned “rest” day and just did the elliptical.

It was lovely, and thanks to Hollie I was entertained by Runner’s Times 🙂

Side note- Remind me to do laundry… I was stinkin’ up the gym tonight.




Now onto the goods! THANKFUL THINGS THURSDAY!!

1. The heat in my car decided to finally work again! AND WITH PERFECT TIMING! I was afraid I was going to have to drive 3hrs back home in the cold but with amazing luck it started working again! YAY!!


It’s weird because I don’t need coffee in the morning- I’m very much a morning person. It’s around 2 oclock I NEEEEED coffee or else I’m down for the count hahah


3. Dave Matthews Band

They and he are amazing. They will turn any frown I have upside down. I saw them in concert two years ago and naturally was blown out of the waterrrr. I really wanna go see them at SPAC though- ooooooooo or at Red Rock YAAAH


Q- What are you thankful for?? Do you freak out when the roads/ weather is bad?



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3 responses to “Thankful Things Thursday!

  1. I just take the drive nice and slooow if the weather is bad. I seriously drive like a grandma if there is any sort of bad weather. It doesn’t look very appropriate since I’m driving a sports car.

    My nike jacket is almost exactly like that. Minus the hood, we could really be twinnzies.

    I am thankful to actually have friends at Potsdam that want to run and eat pancakes for every meal…aka not you.

  2. Ohhhh snap that is one crazy weather change!! I can’t believe the high way you go on closed too.. I’d be soo scared!

    • My mom kept calling me too to update me on the weather of the road I WAS ON. I was like “seriously mom- I’m on this road- i know that it is horrible conditions…now can i get off the phone so i dont die???!!” hahaha

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