Wordless Wednesday…well…sorta

Wooo we got our clothes from soccer season…FINALLY..sooo photo shoot time.

Hmm how should I pose in this?

How about the go to thumbs up? Naturally.

orrr….pretend like I’m running!

Ooo0o0o0ooOOo or how about a lil dancccccce.yeaaaaaaaah.


Plus look how funny my chicken was tonight it reminds me of legs haha.

Mmm and those roasted red potatoes were the bomb.com I must say.

Don’t worry I had some mixed veggies! Asparagus, carrots and sweet corn NOMMMMM




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5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday…well…sorta

  1. I’m going to steal that hoodie.

    okay bye.

    Please cook me chicken. I don’t know how.

    And also, I have left you a fb comment, texted and creeped your blog all within two minutes. No problem…

  2. proudpatriot07

    I like your soccer clothes… because my state university’s colors are almost the same thing :). Your dinner looks yummy too!

  3. Your legs are so muscular! I am LEGIT jealous!!!! Love the soccer clothes and chicken picture hahah it does look like legs!!!

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