AWESOME SAUCE NEWS! and Three Tangent Tuesday!!

Okay so I just got an email and I am super dooper excited!! I have been named to my athletic conferences All-Academic Team!! Only 41 other fall athletes (men and women) were named to it! ALSO! I made President’s list! AHH Sorry this is not meant to be bragging but this is just another huge change in my life! At my first college after my first semester I was put on probation for doing so poorly- when I made my change to a better life one thing I reshaped and worked harder at was my academic! I made President’s list both semesters at my last college and I am keeping the ball rolling here!

Okay- now I’m going to shrink my head- This weekend I am going home and I’m weighing in at Weight Watchers and making a meeting finally. I haven’t seen much scale difference but after the marathon I think things will get back to normal. 12 days ahhh!

Also! Saturday I am running the Cupids Chase 5k- wooo!

Todays work out- 3.2 miles in 23mins 6seconds, then 60 minutes of elliptical (I was only going to do 40 but Ellen was just too good today to stop watching after 40 mins!). Abs, push ups, lunges, squats during Biggest Loser tonight (after this post).

Had to put my clothes back on after working out today because it is so dang cold! Ps. I’m seducing the camera people- aka I’m workin on my faces.

Now onto the important stuff… THREE TANGENT TUESDAY!!!!

1.  This past summer at camp there was this little girl named Tina (this was of course her American name, I can not spell or pronounce her actual Chinese name). Anyways- Tina was my favorite camper. She was sooo shy and had no friends. She had just moved here mid year and was going back to China in August. She was only here because her Dad was finishing up college. SO anyways I had a really special bond with Tina. She went to whatever activity I was working and in the afternoon we played cards every day! For 6 weeks! Tina had to leave camp early to go back to China and I gave her my Tshirt (It’s what the counselors give to their fav campers- they love it). This is Tina and I stuntin’

Tina makes me want to adopt when the time comes.

2. My family and I stalk Susan Branch. Or at least when ever we visit Martha’s Vineyard we do… My mom is a huge fan and knows where she lives (only because it is listed in her cook book!). So naturally we have to check out what she’s done with her yard, garden, house and all that jazz. Yeah- we are creeps. We admit to it.

Yup, us outside Susan's house...

3. I belong to a Jewish Community Center…and I’m Catholic… Hahaha It is the best place too. I love working out there, just me and some old Jewish men and women. Yeah no intimidation factor there!

This is actually a picture they have on the wall there. They know they are funny 🙂

Q- WHAT ARE YOUR THREE TANGENTS?? And do you have any exciting news to share??



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4 responses to “AWESOME SAUCE NEWS! and Three Tangent Tuesday!!

  1. Gosh, you are too smart and too fast at running. Get.Out.Of.My.Life. and stop lying about your dms….

    That is so awesome and I’m so excited for you! You are going to rock that 5k and you better text me right after! 🙂

    • Obviously you will be the first I will text!! And you BETTER or I WILL COME TO BLO AND HUNT YOU DOWN! text me when you finish all your events!!! I am pumped for you- even if you aren’t as pumped (ps. when I just typed that I wrote pimped… apparently I think you should be pimped out).

      and I can’t help about lying about my dms…it’s how I gain popularity and friendzzzz gosssh HOllie. GET WITH IT.

  2. Hahahahahaha, it’s YOU! V.cute. xoxo Susan

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