Monday Madness!

13 days. 13 mother freaking days. THE MARATHON IS IN 13 DAYSSSS AHHH!

Yeah- that’s not this weekend, but next weekend.

YEAH OH MY GOD! I am so so sososososso excited. and nervous. It’s normal to be nervous eh?

Today I ran 3.2 miles in 23mins and 06 seconds. Aka I taunted the baheeesus out of it. It felt really really good. I did 1.8 of the miles on a 1% incline too- YEAH I am adjusting. Then 15ish mins on the elliptical and finally finished up on the arc trainer (I found out it’s name finally- thank you hollie).

My paleness really emphasizes the redness of my cheeks after working out…BOO. Give me the sun. Puh puh puh pleaseeee.

I need to learn how take a picture my face always seems to be like bahshheusak in them.





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3 responses to “Monday Madness!

  1. Um.

    When did you take this without me. I’m so upset!

    You are going to rock that marathon girll.

  2. I snagged it when I got back! I should have waited! I don’t know what I was thinking!!

    I can’t wait for US to rock the half in march!! WOOOOHH!

  3. YAY your marathon is coming up!!!! How exciting! Girl you look hard core 🙂

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