Hello HEAT WAVE- you are a TAUNT

Holy Moley today was a high of 37 degrees… MY GOD IT WAS GREAT.

Did I run outside? NO.

Did I want to really really badly but I’m in the middle of tapering and tomorrow I’ve got my long run…YES.

I woke up about 715ish and caught up on my blog stalkin from the day before and chilled out. I then made my brothers girlfriend Kelly some Funfetti Cupcakes for her birthday (OHH YEAH FUNFETTI CUPCAKES YEAH).

Yeahhh so I’m not that great of a baker (even when all I have to do is mix) because I made the first batch much bigger than they should have been, thus, the second batch was not as plump. Oh well!.

UM AWESOME SAUE VICTORY WITH THE CUPCAKES- I didn’t taste ANY of the batter or frosting and when I brought them over to Kelly’s I didn’t even have one! SCORRRE!! (As awesome as funfetti is I don’t think they are worth the points, I’d much rather have other things).

Work out consisted of 1hr on the elliptical then 30 mins on this other cardio machine…no clue what its called but it’s awesome. and then TONS OF ABS YES.

That’s my oh I’m trying really hard to pump up the bicep face…Just so you know…

AND HELLO I NEED TO INTRODUCE MYSELF TO THE SUN…You may now start calling me Casper- totally acceptable given my skin color right now. Can you tell the difference between my shirt and skin? BECAUSE I CAN’T.


And now I am off to watch a butt load of Grey’s Anatomy until Kyle and Kelly are done with their Birthday Date and then WE ARE HAVING A MARIO KART PARTAAAAAAAAY. Oh Yeah, I’m pretty pumped.

Q- What tv series (or movie) could you watch over and over again without getting sick of it?

For me, it’s def Grey’s Anatomy..and True Blood 🙂



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2 responses to “Hello HEAT WAVE- you are a TAUNT

  1. Americas Next Top Model. Obsess all day everyday. Did you go on the ellipticals in front of the ellipticals, if that makes sense. Between the treadmills and the ellipticals.

    You should come hide away in my backseat on Spring Break…then you could get some sun.

  2. Yes thats where I was! Not the AMT machines the ones to the right of them! I loved themmmm so easy on my hips hahaha

    But seriously….I am hiding away…because the fact that my skin is not that far off from my shirt…is just wrong…

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