An awesome thing happened to me today. While I was running on the treadmill at my college’s fitness center, I became “that girl”. I was watching Ellen when I realized it… I was seriously  smiling and laughing out loud…while running… I know I enjoy running and when it’s a good run I will be grinning a bit. But today I straight up caught myself laughing out loud…and then realized I had been smiling for quite some time hahah.  It clicked to me today that I have now gotten to the point where when I run I can zone everything else out, I’m seriously in my own little world. AND I LOVE IT.

Side note- Tapering is really hard. It makes me feel as though I’m not doing enough…But after Hollie talked to her dad it really gave me confidence that I am doing this right. So I’m trying to battle my mind and accept that I need to give the legs a little rest before the BIG DAY WOOO! WHICH BY THE WAY IS 17 DAYS FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGZZZZZZZ~!!!!

On the weigh in front… I was up 1.1 today. I honestly HONESTLY do not know how it is possible. I didn’t go over my weeklys or my activity points, I ate my healthy guidelines, lots of milk, protein at mostly every meal. Eating the good carbs. The only thing I can think of is that I either 1) Put on muscle, or 2) I had a huge loss (2.5lbs) last week and my body is evening out? (is that a real possibility or did I make that up?)

The weirdest part about it all… I have actually “felt” thinner this week haha. Like I was loving my legs after working out this evening. But whatever- Next weekend I’m going home to weigh in at weight watchers because I havent yet for Feb and I dont want to do it after the marathon (incase of water weight gain or something I dont know I dont wanna risk it). ALSO if I go home I can run a 5k that Saturday- which will be fun/ nice mix to get me even more excited for the marathon 🙂 EEEEK!


Are you all thawed out?? It’s not snowing here anymore- Thank goodness! BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER…PUH PLEASE.Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow yesterday..sooo this means he predicts an early spring! LETS HOPE HE’S RIGHT!


Q- Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend? Have you ever caught yourself doing something silly in public?



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4 responses to “Yup, I’m THAT GIRL…

  1. And then you can drive all the way to Buffalo and visit me while swimming, which is the real reason of course.

    Um rapping on the treadmill is something recent I have done, which was not embarrassing at all…no…

    It could just be water weight for the day. So strange-I don’t really know what it could be. Sometimes food in Lehman is made with a lottt of salt. That is my other thought.

    • What day is your meet in B-lo! I just may…. however it is 3hrs away from my house hahahah

      ps. I think rapping is totally acceptable… I’m glad we are both embarrassing on the treadmill…at least we aren’t alone in our awkwardness

  2. Jaycoooo

    Whenever I think about something happy while running, I catch myself smiling and giggling. Then I look around to see if anyone’s staring.

    P.S.- luhh you and miss you!

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