Life in a Snow Globe

I just got the March copy of Runners World and as usual I am not disappointed. I am a magazine whore. I am also the reason that magazine will never go out of business. I’m that girl that buys the magazine each month from the stand when it would be 23407x cheaper if I just bought the subscription….eventually I’ll learn.

There was an article in this months magazine about Dean Karnazes. He’s an ultrarunner who’s a beast. Literally. Manly man of all men.  Here are a couple of the awesome mantras/ quotes he uses to keep him going/ live by.


  • When all else fails, start running…
  • Even if you’re inches away from the finish, never take success for granted.
  • Regardless of how distant your dreams may seem, every second counts.
  • You cannot grow and expand your capabilities to their limits without running the risk of failures.


oh and the most important/ best one…

Never, under any circumstances, argue with a woman. She is always right. 🙂


I love running mantras. Another one that really helps me when I’m on my long runs is “A marathon is going to be much harder than this”. I know that is a really simple thing, but it helps me push through and become determined to finish something so “minimal”, as compared to the goal (the marathon).


So today my school had a snow day (WOOHOOO). Everyone loves a snow day 🙂 I got to get my work done in the library bright and early and then went to the fitness center with Hollie! We ran (obvss) and it was fabulous (obvs). I came home and sat on my butt watching Grey’s and catching up on some readings!

Tonight I ate dinner on campus (dun dun dun!) with Hollie and some other XC girls! It was really great to meet some more of the girls. It was delish and obviously super fun. I also was glad I didn’t have to cook! (Thanks for the meal pass Hollie!). Oh  did I mention the massive amounts of snow we got? oh yeah a ton…but I’m pretty sure everyone got a crap ton. Yahoo news says half the us got the blizzard! I would like spring to come a bit sooner….what the heck! Feb lets fly byyyyy!!


Oh side note- my car has decided that the heater does not want to work…um ever. Soooo the inside of my car was a sheet of ice! AND I COULD NOT DRIVE…well at least…



Q- Did you get a snow day?? If you did- what did YOU do?



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2 responses to “Life in a Snow Globe

  1. It didn’t snow at all today where I was actually. My parent’s just mailed me some more running magazines, so I’m super stoked about that. I have missed RW the last couple of months.

  2. proudpatriot07

    Those running mantras are awesome, especially the last one :).

    No snow here, and I won’t say what our high temperature was because I live in South Carolina, where the weather is mild enough for me to only own one pair of workout pants and a few Under Armor tops.

    I love running and workout magazines! Also those trashy celebrity ones, just because reading them is fun and doesn’t require any mental work, ya know?


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