Alright so let’s be honest- I have an obsessive personality. My parents like to think of my obsessions as little impulsive things I do but seriously, it may start with an impulse but I get pretty serious about whatever it may be :). Here are just a few of my most recent obsessions. Oh and I’m still working on those Feb goals… I swear by the end of the week they will be made!


1. Kara Goucher.

2. Obvs Riggatoni

3. Taking pictures of myself in mirrors… annnnd camp counselor tshirts

4. RUNNNNNINNNNNGGGGG slash Marathon Training

My mileage has surely increased since soccer ended! wooo!

5. Wraps/Sandwiches…mainly being turkey, hummus, cucumbers, roasted red peppers MMMMM


7. Attempting to get guns 🙂

8. BLOGGGGIIIIINN (http://skinnyforme.tumblr.com/) – and BLOG STALKING yah you know you do it too.

9. Greek Yogurt- and oh man are they right


and last but not least (because these are in no certain order fyi)

10.  My lovahhh Enrique <333 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd3VPEHX11o) Swoooon


oh yeah… and one more teehee.. how could I forget gummy bears????


Q- What are some of your current obsessions 🙂 ?



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4 responses to “Obbbbbsesssiooonnnns

  1. I am in love with Enrique! But also blog stalking that is always super fabulous. I would be obsessed with America’s Next Top Model but that doesn’t come on until March ahh..

  2. fabulous fabulous blog/post 🙂 so great. work those guns!

    my new obsessions are working out and watching cake boss. total opposite i know but what i can say!

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