Toady I woke up early as always, but after a not so great night of sleep. I seriously could not stay asleep for more than 2 hours at a time it was ridiculous! Well at 830 Hollie and I went  to Foxy Roxy’s which is a diner in town. It was super homey feeling and I loved it! I totally regret not getting a pancake though- Hollie’s looked so delish. Next time I swear I’m getting one.


As always it was Sunday- therefore it called for a long run! Keeping to my word I geared up and trucked my tush outside. 16 miles in 16 degree weather (clearly I like the double 16’s hence why I’ve mentioned it on every single social networking site I have). It was a tough run, a bit slower than usual. I contribute the slowness to the fact that it was cold, I haven’t ran outside in ages, and the ground was packed and somewhat thick snow which almost created a sand like effect when I ran. By the end of 16 my hips and knees were feeling pretttyyy rough.


And my face has yet to thaw out.

Tomorrow I will post my goals for February! I realized I didn’t really make any specific goals for January (which I normally do). They were just more general goals like “get back to goal weight soon, keep training, cook more foods” and I’d like to say I’ve been trying with all those and I’d say it was successful. But for Feb I’m going to target specific things I want and WILL accomplish.


Doing a quick blog stalk then I’m going to bed. I’m EXHAUSTED.



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  1. Quick blog stalk bahaha. I wish I had your determination. Mine become hours of black hole blog stalks…

    I need to start making goals for cross country and running and all that jazz, I just don’t know where to start.

  2. Lets make some together because I want more focused goals for that! hahah plus hungry runner girls blog about motivation is making me really want to improve my speed.

    Also- After the marathon I need to start doing weight training of some sort…booooo

  3. I’m glad Hollie shared your blog on her blog! Also glad you guys had a nice lunch 🙂 Idk how you could run 16 miles in 16 degree weather, you may be my new hero ;p

    • Hollie’s great. Plain and simple! Hahah I’m glad I can be your hero but the real heroic measures will come after the marathon though! 26.2 miles in OTTAWA IN FEBRUARY. Jeesh I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for this hahaha a tad off my rocker that’s all 🙂 Nice to meet you- well sorta you know, via blog!

  4. this is a great site. Love that motivation!!

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