Weekend Round Up

I’m going to start with the simple picture I stumbled across on Tumblr…

This picture alone is the reason I want to run cross country next fall. I want that feel you get after a race when you know you’ve put all you’ve got into it. Whatever my place may be I want that rush and glory knowing I’ve tried the best that I could into 3.1 or however many miles it may be. I want that feeling of self accomplishment.


Now onto my weekend thus far… Friday after class I creepily picked some sketchy-weirdo outside of an academic building and went to the fitness center to run together haha. Hahah Just kiddinggg! Hollie (my new friend who we became friends by being our own creepy selves blog stalking each other). We ran next to each other on treadmills and the miles just flew by! We then went back to her town house and made protein waffles which were amazeeeballsss (Nice work Hollie you lived up to your rep!). She also got me hooked on dipping the waffles in greek yogurt mmmmm. I am very excited because Hollie and I are pretttttttty much sistas from other mistas…wait did I seriously say that? Um we have similar interests and hobbies bahah- WE ARE AWESOME PRETTY MUCH. Her blog (even though I don’t think any one follows this blog…) is http://lolzthatswim.wordpress.com/ and she’s awesome and has way more interesting stuff to post than me.

One last note- tomorrow is the start of my tapering. I’m running either 15 or 16 miles and I’m with out a doubt running outside. Even if it’s cold. (If there is a wind chill issue then I won’t but it looks promising right now).

Now I will force you all to look at my adorable dog because I miss her and wish I could be cuddling with her right now.

Q- Have you made a friend through social networking (Facebook, Blogs,Twitter, etc.)  sites?



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5 responses to “Weekend Round Up

  1. BAHAHA! I love it. I’m so excited,. Your dog is so adorable. I seriously miss my black lab back home.

    I love that photo. Lets collect many cross country photos. They are so inspiring.

  2. proudpatriot07

    I found your blog off Hollie’s :).

    Good luck with your tapering next week and with that last run out in the cold up there! I run outside a lot, but then again, I live in South Carolina, haha.

    That is a really, really, awesome picture too. I’ll never be fast like that, but there’s something about finishing a race and knowing that you ran *your* fastest and *your* best, even if it’s not the best at the race :).


  3. oatsandspice

    AWW what a cute dog!

    Your blog is so cute! I love it and can’t wait to read more… I just started my blog about two months ago – it is so addicting 🙂 Check it out if you get a chance: http://oatsandspice.wordpress.com

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