Thankful Things Thursday

First off I can not deny my love for Enrique Inglesias any longer… I have been listening to his songs, old and new, nonstop lately…

So for the first thing I am thankful for! I am thankful for an excellent weigh in day!

WOOOOHOOO now VICTORY DANCE….and celebratory two thumbs up excited pic.

I’m back in the 130s yayayayayaayay!!

Running included: 5mile run, 38min 10 seconds. Elliptical for a bit ( I didn’t look at the time because I was on the phone with my mom, def more than half hour though).

Have I mentioned my love for the show Grey’s Anatomy? I have seriously seen about every episode about twenty times. I pretty much live my life by certain quotes they say. I also watched 10 episodes yesterday and I think I’m on episode 5 of today…some what pathetic but I love it…and there hasn’t really been anything good on tv…Here’s a quote that I’m really digging lately.

“Being aware of your crap, and actually overcoming your crap are two different things.”-Christina Yang

For most people they know they are overweight. In my own personal experience I knew I was fat and unhealthy but I didn’t want to admit to it. I wanted to think that it was just “who I was” and that I was just supposed to be bigger than other girls my age. Well when I finally overcame this crap idea I was able to realize “Who says I’m supposed to be bigger than everyone else?” “Why can’t I be tiny??” And thus the start of my striving to be the skinny girl 🙂 I must say I do feel very great knowing that I went from being one of the bigger girls in my graduating class, to now one of the smaller/ normal sized girls. Plus it helps knowing that I can out run most of the girls and guys in my class.

This first week of classes went well. I don’t have much work- and from the looks of it I don’t have much weekly work. For most of my classes I will have one quiz  a week and then around term times I have papers due. However, that just means I need to keep up with the reading, go to classes (which I NEVER skip anyways) and start my papers/projects early. Should be a fun semester.


Side note- My best friend Jay and I are bbming right now talking about grad school and we decided that he will apply to SU, Cortland, Lemoyne, Oswego ( all the school around Cuse) if I apply to University of Toronto and some schools up there. That way if Brit, Jay and I all get into the respective schools we could all either live together in Cuse or Toronto 🙂 I’m very excited!

Jay and I this summer

Q- What are you doing on this fine Thursday night? Jersey Shore at 10? Thirsty Thursday? Homework? Loungin’?

Side bar- Jay is really bad with lyrics and thought the lyrics to Say Aah by Trey songs was “Go girl its your birthday, open wide it’s Thursday…”



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3 responses to “Thankful Things Thursday

  1. I’m laying in my bed drinking hot cocoa and blog stalking. Ya know-the regular. I’m not a class skipper either-I just can’t bring myself to do it ah.

    You are already so tiny, I cannot wait for our run tomorrow! (But I think my legs can ha)…

  2. Congrats on the weight loss this week!

    My son (4) LOVES Enrique songs. He’s constantly walking around singing “Baby I like it!” Hopefully he doesn’t get ahold of the dirty version of Tonight I’m loving you! lol

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks 🙂 And Enrique’s songs are just so damn catchy!!! I love it! Hahah That is adorable about your son…and yes…lets hope he doesn’t find out the other song!! Have a good weekend too!

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