Wimpy Wednesday

I was a total wimpy today. It was a weekly high of 26 degrees today and I still went to the gym and ran on a treadmill hahah. However, if I want to make any sort of excuse that seems legitimate it would be that I did this because I could then do abs and cross train… Which I did accomplish all of those things. 6 miles in 46:18, I chatted it up with this older woman next to me about her vibrams haha I totally want a pair…Perhaps this spring? Maybe a birthday present? I’m not sure…I’m going to do a bit more research on this…
Tomorrow afternoon I’m weighing in but a little sneak peak as of this afternoon I was back in the 130’s!! I was down 2.1lbs 🙂 Cross your fingers/knock on wood/ sleep with your pj’s inside out that this stays true for tomorrow!


Well not much went on today… I really like my Wednesday night class (Family Violence) the prof is wicked awesome (I’ve had him before) and the class will be very interesting/ sad 😦 waah.

I just think this picture is funny. I miss my best friends 😦 I NEED to visit cstate soon…but not until after the marathon I can’t risk not doing my Sunday long runs!


WOOHOO! Tomorrow’s Thursday! Grey’s and Jersey Shore (I have officially converted over to liking this awful(lly awesome) show!)


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  1. At least you had an awesome run! Didn’t you say your best 10k time was around 45, so you are right there!

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