Three Tangent Tuesday

According to my fav blogger Hungry Runner Girl, this is the newest blog trend :0 …so… When in rome…

1. I frequently put my finger in other people’s noses. Not only do I find it extremely funny but I love how people freaaaaaak out when I do it. (*side note- I do this to people I’m friends with…not random strangers)

2. I am my friend’s biggest fan. Yes this does mean I will hold a cut out picture of their head at their basketball games and be that obnoxious girl cheering for them. Spotted: Cait with a Bco Big Head at one of the OCC girls games last winter. xoxo Gossip Girl

3. I was/ still am a wicked bad ass. From an early age I was rockin sweet outfits….like this one. My sense of style sometimes is comparable to that of Frankenstein in Big Daddy. Rainboots, mix matching clothing colors, and yoga pants tucked in. IVE GOT STYLEEEEEE.



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One response to “Three Tangent Tuesday

  1. Oh man, Not that I don’t ramble enough about myself…I’ll have to do this next Tuesday.

    I am my friends biggest fan too! I’m such a stage 5 clinger.

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