New Semester- New Start

The start of every semester is like hitting the start over button. From here on out it’s all new again. New classes, new grades, and new tasks to achieve.

Things I will do this semester:

  • Get above a 3.5
  • Complete my first marathon despite the temperatures.
  • Look presentable for my classes, yoga pants only 2 days a week tops.
  • Prepare normal meals for myself throughout the week not just my quick randomness (oops like tonight…greek yogurt and puffins cereal is NOT an acceptable dinner).
  • Do the majority of my homework at the library NOT in my apartment.
  • Read 4 books outside of the books for school



Ps. I’m watching Pretty Little Liars right now… Have I mentioned how much I like this show? I love that I NEVER know what will happen next, yet it still has the cheesy greatness of an ABC family show.

ALSO it’s the season finale of The Next Great Baker at 9! Woohoo! Big night on TV. What are YOU watching??



I just like this picture 🙂


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One response to “New Semester- New Start

  1. I’m actually watching The Great Baker ha.

    I want to make semester goals too, including making real food for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I’m just feeling lazy and make pancakes for breakfast and then something like a waffle for lunch. Not okay.

    I wear leggings to class. I think that is kinda like cheating ha.

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