Sunday Runday!

As I drove back to school today I realized that my run this morning was longer than my trip back. Travel time 2hrs 40ish minutes…run time 2hrs 54mins…..

Let me give you the stats of today’s run.

  • 6 degrees with a wind chill of -9…WIND CHILL ADVISORY LISTED.
  • 2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (before I switched to Harry Potter)
  • 14 minutes…the amount of time into HP before I switched to my ipod
  • 28 times I wanted to quit (seriously thats more than one a mile…whoops)
  • 8 times I questioned my sanity
  • 2 times I stopped and almost called it quits completely BUT GOT BACK ON
  • 1 Clif Shot Blok bar…YUMMM
  • 2 times I started to cry (at about mile 18)
  • 1 ice bath made up
  • but I was a wimp and lasted about 20 seconds in it….

2 hours and 54 minutes later the 20 miles was completed…on a treadmill…again. My hips really hurt and I am overall pretty sore right now. I ran a total of 54 miles this past week (because the 18 was on Monday) I think that had an effect on my soreness and my slower pace (I was seriously dyin a couple times).

How does that saying go? “A win’s a win?” Well I guess I can take it as this… “A 20 mile runs a 20 mile run….” I am so proud of myself for finishing this…it was very tough but I did it! Tapering from here on out then the big marathon!!


Just got back to school a little while ago…I’m freakin’ exhausted. I’m seriously about to go to bed after this post…First class tomorrow is at 9! and my last class for tomorrow hahah


I’ll leave you with this thought. This weekend while eating a juicy pear I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh I bet this is what it is like for Vampire Bill to bite Sookies neck, I bet this is what it feels like” or in any case where vampires would bite flesh…Okay so this is a totally weird thought but think about it…My dad disagrees…sorta. He thinks that it would feel like biting into steak and that if the person was fat then it would feel like biting into a pear….Anyways…what do you think?? or have you probably never thought of that…




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2 responses to “Sunday Runday!

  1. Girl, I don’t know how you do it. 20 miles on a treadmill is insane. How will you do it on campus? Will you just watch tv since you can’t bring dvds? Do you have a special music playlist too? Can I steal it bahaha.

    I hope your hips feel better. 54 is actually my highest mileage week as well back in season. This week I’m hoping for between 20-28. Essentially 4 7 mile runs would be amazing but we will see.

  2. I actually don’t know where I’m going to run!! I used to on the field house track but my nike+ broke so it will be hard to keep track of the miles 😦 I don’t really have too many long runs- hopefully I can just do them outside…not quite sure what I’ll do yet tough… and no special playlist haha just whatever my mood is

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