Friday for the WIN

I didn’t post this yesterday but I went to weight watchers and I had a gain…again. During my weight loss journey I rarely had a gain, RARELY. After I reached goal (it happened to be Christmas/New Years) and I gained a total of 6 pounds. Then I lost 2 then I just gained another pound. With this mass confusion (because I’m working out a butt load so it’s very confusing how I can be gaining since I am not eating thousands and thousands of calories a day). Anyways- met with a leader this morning and brought my 3 month journey. We have noticed I eat too many crap carbs, not enough protein and I need more healthy oils and milk! ALSO I need to stop eating artificial/ processed crap.

This being said- new and improved awesome lunch!

1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 slice of swiss cheese, a bunch of spinach with 1 tsp of olive oil, 1/4th avocado and a slice of whole wheat bread! And an apple. (For breakfast I had Vanilla Greek yogurt with some kashi crunch on top and a banana! and a Pear after the gym for a snack)


Also! Woo! I signed up for the Plattsburgh Half Marathon!

So as of right now I have officially registered for….

Ottawa Marathon- Feb 20th

City of Plattsburgh Half- April 17th

Buffalo Marathon- May 29th


I still need to sign up for either the Rochester Half on May 1st OR the Mountain Goat on May 1st. I can’t decide aaaaah. The Mountain Goat is a very well known hard hill Syracuse 10 miler so I’m thinking maybe that one is what I will do. I’m also probably going to come home Feb 12th to weigh in for the month of Feb at WW and then do the Cupid’s Chase 5k just for fun. I’m also looking for some race for mid march!


I’ve been brainstorming about goals for this upcoming semester but I’m not quite finished with them yet…


It’s smile Friday according to tumblr….I’m going to miss this smoocher when I’m at school :/ one downside of going away to college…




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2 responses to “Friday for the WIN

  1. Stow away in my backseat and do the Servana Park half with me March 6th.

    Your dog is adorable! I miss my cat back at home, but my dogs are too wound up all the time bahah. I enjoy a decent amount of peace.

    I’m a really big fan of protein myself. Perhaps some of your gain is muscle? When I was running and swimming I gained 3 pounds but was burning over 10000 weekly.

    • Thanks! Rizzo (my dog) is a little princess, because she’s still so tiny, but is 6 years old, people think she is a pup so she gets tons of attention haha. I’m not sure if I gained muscle or not. I mean def some but a good amount of this weight gain seems like either water weight or fat hahah. I don’t knowwwww I’m workin on it though hahaha.

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