1 clif shot blok bar, 1 blister, 1 dead/bloody toe nail and 1 sweaty run later, I finally conquered the 18 miles that the universe kept trying to let me not accomplish!

It felt great too! Even though you would think 18 miles on a treadmill would be AWFUL it really wasn’t that bad! I kept my mindset good thinking I would much rather be inside watching two of my favorite movies while running instead of getting frost bite! Plus I got to blog mid run on my tumblr ( 😉 I had a blast updating you while I had my runners high and all hahaha. So thanks for listening 🙂

I had to have documentation of the 18 on a treadmill so I made my mom take a picture of me hehehe. My exact words to her were “Can you take a picture of me so I can show my blogger friends???” She already knows I’m crazy so she gladly did it.

(Note- this is my first picture EVER of me running…and now I know what people are talking about how they HATE seeing pictures of them hahaha….my face= pure ridiculousness)

Ps. I love you. You being Clif Shot Bloks 

THEY TASTE LIKE CANDY and what better to fuel your run than that right???

The whole run felt great- I didn’t even really start hurting until mile 17 when I could feel the massive blister birthing on my right foot-owww.

So ‎2hours and 27minutes and 18 miles later I finally did my run!….All I have to say is screw you Syracuse for having the crappiest weather ever on my long run day…

SIDE NOTE- Miracle is one of thee greatest movies to run to. I was at mile 16 when it was the “AGAIN” blue line, red line back scene. AKA the greatest part of the movie. ALSO My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my favorite movies of all time and I have seen it about a billion gazillion times but never realized until now that when the mom brings out the mother in laws bunt cake she has a small potted flower in the middle because there’s a hole in it ahahahah LOVE IT.


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  1. Hell yeah! That is awesome you did it all on a treadmill. Good gosh, I couldn’t even imagine. Running photos always make me laugh, I normally do some crazy pose for them because I feel it’s better than my running look ha.

    On a side note-instead of running you could have driven to Potsdam in that time. Although, it was -16 last night so I think the run would be more enjoyable.

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