Operation Awesome

I love reading other people’s blogs. It may be because their lives seem more interesting than mine at the moment, or it may be because I just like seeing how other people live… Either way I’m sitting here in my yoga pants bundled up in my SU blanket with a cup of coffee watching Grey’s Anatomy catching up on all the blogs I read.

Since I’m still on break I don’t feel guilty at all that all I’ve done today was wake up, eat breakfast, run 8 miles and then weigh in at Weight Watchers. I’m down .5  which is most definitely better than a gain, but it really bums me out that it wasn’t more. Last week they suggested I eat more and this obviously freaked me out. But I really think I may need to eat even more than I did last week. I’m going to be eating more, but more of the good stuff like healthy oils and fats rather than loading up on junk. Marathon training totally has changed my weight. I’ve read a ton of places people have actually gained weight during training and that others say either pick training or pick losing weight- don’t do both. Well I’m gunna keep trying to do both hahaha.

My friend Tana (my blogger buddy over on tumblr http://tanadoeslife.tumblr.com/) and I were talking about our year of races and which ones we are going to run. She suggested that we run the Las Vegas Marathon together and I’m seriously considering it. A couple weeks ago my grandma told me she would “sponsor” my Disney Marathon…so that’s a def. So far we’re looking atttt

Feb 20th- Ottawa Marathon

March 13th- Celebrate Life Half Marathon

May 29th – Either Buffalo Marathon or Vermont City Marathon

then I need to find some more for the summer

Then depending on what I do in the fall (soccer again or if I do xc) I really want to do the new Syracuse Marathon in October.

Dec 4th- Las Vegas Marathon w Tana!

Jan 8th- DISNEY MARATHON!!!!!!!

That’s that for now.

This is my pup who is just about as tall as the snow on our back porch today!

annnnnd this is proof that my dad likes my dog more than me….

Q- What races are you going to do this year? What are you excited about for the new year of 2011??



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3 responses to “Operation Awesome

  1. Those all look like fabulous races– of course I am partial to Disney for obvious reasons. I just registered for the Run to Remember half in Boston, and have bunch of shorter races lined up as well. Once you start, it’s nearly impossible to stop. 🙂 Adorably puppy, by the way! My little dude loves the snow, too!

  2. Please do cross country. There is a half in Rochester May 1st that I’m doing. Where is the celebrate life half?

    I’m doing a half over spring break and the one May 1st. I’m not too sure what else yet.

    (I’m not biased for cross country or anything…)

    Anywho. During swim team season, I gain a solid ten pounds. It’s just ten pounds of muscle that I have to deal with and i have come to terms with it. For running though, I never gained any weight but running doesn’t make me hungry versus swimming.

    • I’m seriously considering cross country- actually I have some questions on that but I’ll fb message you later.

      Whats the one your doing in rochester called? The celebrate life half is in Rock Hill Ny? Not sure where it is other than its 3hrs away from Syracuse. I think my weight gain has to do with being home/ holidays on top of running more. I actually might have not been getting enough calories so my body was trying to hold on to everything? I duno thats what the woman said haha I’m figuring it out though sorta haha. I always wish I could swim haha I even have a pool at my house buttttt nope I just have no idea how to breathe and swim at the same time hahaha

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