Woah- A direction…crazy

As some of you (or none of you) may know one of the things I have been struggling with since college #1 (of the 3) was what I wanted to do with my life. I know it isn’t totally necessary to know these things but an idea or a field of study would be nice. So my first college I was a psychology major…at an engineering school…Then I transferred to a TINY I mean TINY (my high school had more kids than this school) private college. At this school I was a English major with a minor in prelaw. At this stage of my life I thought law school would be pretty legit…Yeah didn’t last too long. Now at my last and final undergraduate school I am a Sociology Major with a minor in Human Services with a concentration in child welfare/youth services <—- wow that is a mouthful. So that being said that is what I will graduate with.

My mother being the nagging/loving/always worrying mother she is, she has been bugging me for about 3 months now on what I will do after my undergrad (I’ve got 3 semesters left). At first I was thinking something with nutrition- maybe a nutritionist? But then I ditched that idea when I realized I can pursue that after I do whatever I want (does that make sense? was that english?). Then I thought maybe social work or something along the lines of that. Both my parents are teachers and when I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher. Junior/Senior year of hs I threw that idea out because I didn’t want to be anything like my parents haha. Even last year when I was transferring schools (I transferred to a school known for their education majors) they always threw out the idea of me being a teacher. Transferring in as a Junior that would require a lot more work and not all my credits from before counting towards my major. Plus I would be way behind with observations/ practicums and what not.

Anyways- long story short (which actually is a longer way to say what I want to say)- HEALTH TEACHER. It’s honestly ideal for me! Not only would I get to work with middle or high schoolers I would be incorporating nutrition, counseling, sex health, ALL SORTS OF THINGS! Plus I would be working in a school so if I wanted I could coach or help out with some of the school teams! IDEAL! WoohoO! On top of it- summers off? eh eh? Clearly I would still be working elsewhere then but still!

So there ya go folks, an idea of what I want to do! Now I’ve gotta go and do itttt!

But I’m totally pumped right now. Clearly had to share my excitement with the people who care (or don’t care at all…)


(I’m on the left- Amanda’s on the right.)


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