Fun reasons to run!

1. It’s the perfect “Me” time. It’s just you and your thoughts- battling yourself and figuring out your crap. I can’t even tell you how many great ideas have come from long runs.

2. You get to use form rollers to make your muscles hurt and then feel EXCELLENT.

3. You feel like a complete bad ass after you finish running- especially after finishing long runs like anything 13+miles…

4. You get to eat gummy bears and jelly beans mid run for carb replacement 🙂

5. The endorphins are beyond amazeballs.

6. I can eat things like ice cream with the works or cupcakes without worrying about the calories because I just ran off a boatload

I know there are tons more but right now this is what I’ve got stumblin around…

Q- What is your favorite thing about running?


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One response to “Fun reasons to run!

  1. I love the me time it gives me. It’s so nice to just get away from school, classes and people and be on your own for a while. Although having a massive amount of cupcakes isn’t bad either.

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