When all is said and done.

This break/ past month has not seemed to go my way. Not only have I gained a good 5 or 6lbs but I have felt as though I have lost control of my eating. On top of that I have been all over the place in my head and really just not feeling great. Well after the scare from last night I still wanted to run today. I saw this picture on tumblr and it became my motto for the day.

And so I did. Where I usually go straight into town, I took a left today. Went up a big ass hill and then down this back road. When I got to a place where I had to choose, left or right, I chose left. Eventually I had to turn around and run back. But when I got to my road it was either go right and run back to my house, or go left and run to my grandma’s then have her drive me home 🙂

I had a 9 miler scheduled today but at first I was hesitant if I should go for a long run after last nights junk. Well what convinced me to shut up and do it was the sun and the amazing 35 degree weather. At first I was way overdressed and got to the top of the hill by my house and ran back home to change!! Soooo NICE OUT.

Well I was able to wear my new light jacket my brother bought me! And I ditched my gloves in a mail box- which this just reminded me I need to pick them up next time I drive into town bahaha.

Anyways, my legs were slow at first but then the second half of the run I was killin it. I ran mile 6, 7, and 8 at a 7:07 ish pace. Overall 9.01 miles in 1hr 09mins. Success in my opinion.



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