Well that was freaky.

So last night at dinner all of a sudden I stood up to go to the bathroom and had a ridiculous amount of pressure in my right leg. You know what it feels like when you get stung by a bee? That tightness in your skin where its like pushing out? So I get back from the bathroom and I look at my friend Colline and I’m like “Does this leg look bigger than this leg” and then we looked at it was seriously bigger. My right calf looked as though I was flexing it and the whole leg was just hard. Very strange…so luckily we were right next to Urgent Care so I just popped over there.

At first everyone thought blood clot and then mid freak out I realized I had started a new medicine the night before. They weren’t totally sure why it swelled up like that but they are thinking it could possibly have been an allergic reaction to it. So I have stopped that immediately and I’ve got to watch to see if it happens again. Also I was just recently diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease and they thought maybe it has something to do with that too. SO essentially I got not real answer other than “watch it if it happens again” and the most scary/funny part was when the doctor said “Oh if you wake up tomorrow and it’s still swollen go to the ER asap”…but never fear I just woke up and I’m not swollen. By I am up 3 more lbs….I assume it’s water weight from clearly retaining fluid? BUT WHO FRIGGEN KNOWS. Up to my highest weight since September 9th. Even if it is from the retaining fluid it’s still screwing me up mentally.

** Please note my badass-ness by using my phone when there is a sign on the cabinet saying  not to use phones 😉 **


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