A moment of reflecting.

Reflecting back on the past couple years and realizing my 5lb weight gain from when I got home from school isn’t as bad as being 65lbs heavier…However, it is motivation to get back to my ultimate goal…

December 2008- 200ish pounds (Before joining weight watchers, also the weekend I told my parents I was depressed and needed to transfer/change my life.)

Then to January 2010- 177lbs (I look so sad here)

November 2010- 135lbs  (ignore the stupid face)

Looking back at my goal weight picture just makes me realize how right now I don’t feel great with my body. I love how strong my legs are and my arms but I have gained some flub which has made me less confident and made me feel weak. I feel this way because the reason I’ve gained about 5 pounds is because of binges. I have been having these ridiculous spells (usually at night when I should just go to sleep) where I have really big urges to eat sugar and lots of it. It’s something I need to get under control asap. With the end of this year/ start of the new year I am focusing on spreading my points out throughout the day and not being hungry/ ravenous at night. I am up to 141lbs right now (and guys, I know you will say “that’s holiday weight and it will come off” but it really isn’t it probably is a little mix of that but a lot of it is straight up weight gain). So as of right now I’m writing this in print to keep myself accountable. I would like to be at 130 by the end of February. That’s roughly a pound ish per week. If I follow the new weight watchers program (which in all honesty I haven’t followed to a tee yet) I should be able to achieve this. So LETS GOOO. I wanna feel light and confident again! I want to be in control of my weight and not fall to these binges.

In the next couple days I’ll make goals for the new year and recap the old year completely!



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