Alright! Sooooo with my quick marathon training, I have been increasing my miles. Today called for a 13.1 mile run…my longest run yet.

13.1 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes and 42 seconds! Wooo. It was about 17 degrees out and I ended up running more hills than I had originally planned….BUT that’s okay! It was a great run!

Here’s a picture from Christmas Eve! My grandma (WHO IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD TO ME) and my cousin Seth!

Alsoooooo about 2 months ago I was running our field house, and this other girl (who I noticed as she was leaving was on the cross country team) was running the track. I had lapped her a couple times and my pace was faster than hers (I’m just saying this to give you guys background). Anyways she stopped to stretch then joined right next to me on one of the laps. She ran with me for about 3 or 4 laps then stopped, she kept right up with me. Anyways, I noticed as she was leaving she put on a XC jacket from our school. This then made me think to myself “Damn I should run XC ” but thats all I thought of that…
So flash to last night. I’m talking to my friend Mitch who goes to school with me. He’s like “Cait seriously you should run XC. It’s clearly your passion right now and you’re faster than most of the girls on the team”. So this made me think about this again but then again  I was like ehhh I don’t know I don’t think I’d be good enough.

ANYWAYS. Just now I was searching to see if the girls on the XC team had “Daily Mile” accounts (Yeah i was creepin’). ANYWAYS so this girl that I ran with 2 months ago POSTED THIS ON THAT DAY !!!!

I’M TWEAKING OUT. I’ve got some thinking to do now!!



The Breakdown-

Mile 1- 7:05

Mile 2- 8:16

Mile 3- 7:34

Mile 4- 7:42

Mile 5- 8:16

Mile 6- 8:15

Mile 7- 7:35

Mile 8- 8:30

Mile 9- 7:40

Mile 10- 9:11

Mile 11- 8:53

Mile 12- 9:55

Mile 13- 7:32

Mile 13.12- 12:29

Wow, you can tell I did hills today!


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