A little catching up to dooooo

You know you had a successful run when…

you take off your shoe and your foot looks like THIS…

Guess I need to cut my toenails! But POW POW 6.23 miles in 45:45 GET DAT…almost my pr (45:37) but not quite. Day 2 of the pushup challenge/ sit up challenge was great, woke up sore this morning and I love that feeling.

The other evening I watched “Spirit of the Marathon” its about a ton of different people and their journey to running the Chicago Marathon, well this only fueled my obsessions with marathons which got me into searching for running clothes and I stumbled upon this…

I want it so bad. It’s a Boston Marathon QUALIFIERS JACKET. Ugh I NEED it. I WANT it. I WILL someday get it!!

That being said… Wednesday night was my families “Ladies Cookie Exchange”. Honestly, I’ve had enough cookies and sweets at this point I’m done for the whole next year haha. At the party though I got talking to my cousin in law Paula. She ran the NYC marathon when she had just turned 30, had had 2 kids and was working part time. She said she only really ran one long run a week and she finished the marathon. She then proceeded to persuade me to switch my half marathon to a full…


So Feb 20th I will be running the full 26.2 miles!!!! It’s the Ottawa Winterlude “Winterman” Marathon. It’s going to be freezing but I’m so excited it isn’t even funny!! I’ve already started increasing my miles and Sunday I’m going to run 13 miles for the FARTHEST IVE EVER RAN! AHH Well you will be hearing this a lot because from here on out this is uncharted territory! Biyaahhh!

Also- Today I ran my fasted mile ever! 6:48 wooooo!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone- Be SAFE- Please, PLEASE be responsible, do NOT drink and drive!


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