Ohhh Christmas Treeeee

Today my mom, dad and I went to go get our Christmas tree!! I clearly helped a ton…

Came home and crashed HARD. I didn’t realize it but I’ve been running on fumes all week, I sat down in our big comfy chair after lunch and fell asleep (I NEVER nap). Finally woke myself up and decided I needed to do something! So I went to the gym but I knew I shouldn’t run today since I ran 5 days in a row and they were kinda longer-ish runs. So I did the elliptical for an hour and watched my Rangers lose 😦 Tomorrow I’ve been planning to run 12 miles (WOAH FARTHEST RUN YET). And I’m pretty excited!!

Annnnd now I’m eatin’ some watermelon (YEAH really not as good in December as it is in July…)


Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend 🙂

Question- Do you and your family go cut down your Christmas tree or do you buy it precut? Or even a fake one?


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