Brand Spankin’ New!

Today was pretty great over all.

But wouldn’t it be nice if after battling the elements (aka running in either snow, rain, wind, ridiculous heat) you should have burned more calories or 6 miles should count for 8 or something? I totally think it should…

If you haven’t guess already I popped out a 5.5 mile run in a snow storm this morning, it wasn’t too cold but the roads definitely weren’t in the best conditions.

Despite the elements not changing the distance or calories burned I felt like a total bad ass after the run.

So after the great run I decided to cozy up on the couch until I met up with my mom at the gym where I did some abs and used their foam roller (I still don’t have one but it’s on my christmas list! So I’m waiting to see if I get it or I will have to buy it)

About a week and a half ago I was creepin on the nike site and in the sale section there were size 11 lunarglides! MY FAVORITE RUNNING SHOES. So naturally I bought them, I mean they were on sale for 60 dollars. Plus when I bought my first pair I got them with a warrantee on them and I’m totally sending them back now that I have other shoes to wear. So essentially I got 3 pairs of Nike LunarGlides for 160$ all together 🙂 Tell me how clutch that is.



PHEW those shoes look like LIGHTENING!

And then now I’m snuggling up in a blanket and I’m going to watch Sex and the City and eat some dinner:



Not too hungry tonight, so as of right now I’m just having a rabbits heaven. Bunches of veggies. We’ve got some cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, carrots, baby tomatoes, roasted red peppers, edamame and OBVIOUSLY HUMMUS. I can’t get enough hummus in my life.

Hope everyone’s week went well and you are all enjoying your weekend!



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