Oh the people you meet!

Typically while I’m up at school I like to run on the indoor field house track. The roads are almost never in good condition and it snows like crazy there. I used to love the treadmil and now I absolutely hate it. I LOVE being able to go somewhere with a run, even if it’s just around and around in a circle. I go running at pretty much the same time on certain days of the week because it fits around my schedule and it is when there aren’t rock climbing classes in there. With this being said, I see the same people walking the track. You can tell that we are the regulars and finally after a whole semester of running while this older man (think grandfathers age) walks. We always smile but we never chat.

Today he came over to me as I was lacing up and said “You running off the turkey you want to eat on Christmas?” corny joke but I smiled and laughed and said “Yeah of course!” Then he asked me what high school I went to, what year I was, what my major was all that shazam. Finally he asked me “Did you run cross country in high school?” I told him how I have just picked up running but I was always playing sports in high school. He then proceeded to tell me he was the old xc coach at the local high school in the area. He told me I have a “natural running form”, but that “I should pick my heels up a little more to increase me gate” and it would probably make me faster. I thanked him tons for the advice and then he let me get on my run.

I love meeting people like him (and the other man a few weeks earlier). I love that running has taught me so much, not just about form but about myself. The man walked the track a little while longer and then right before he left waited for me to come around the bend and he wished me a good and safe holiday 🙂 I smiled, waved and we parted our ways. I then finished my run with the biggest grin on my face and in a wonderful mood.

Oh- also a great quote from Runner’s World

Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

-Sarah Condor

So get off your booty and get running!
Question- Have you ever met someone on a run or during an exercise group who just makes your day?  I had the biggest smile for most of the day thanks to that man!



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  1. I’ve come to really enjoy sharing a “moment” with fellow runners, as we pass each other and do the head nod or a quick wave. But, I did actually meet someone after one of my 5ks. We had met at the gym previously, though briefly. Then, after the run, she found me among the 2,000 other runners, and we shared a really great conversation. Turns out we’re running our first half marathons near the same time — and we decided to do some training runs together in 2011. Love being a runner and part of the “runner community.”

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